Friday, August 18, 2017

I am not a victim

Michael Lumish

I'm trying to figure out just what irks me about this whole "Jews are not white" thing with the attendant MENA question in the States.

I think that what it is is the suspicion that we're trying to join the victimhood club.

Black people are victims. Women are victims. Muslims are victims. Gay people are victims.

Fuck that.

I have no desire in the least to join the victimhood club.

They don't want us on their team, to begin with, and I would not want to wear that t-shirt anyway.

Let other people go be victims.

Tell me why I am wrong.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

American Racism

Michael Lumish

I don't want to get maudlin, but this is a very sad moment.

When I look at the "legacy press" it is practically all racism all the time, now.

What pisses me off more than anything else, tho, is the fact that between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama the United States did a terrific job of moving beyond the kind of toxic racism that gave us Jim Crow and the Klan.

All that was basically dead.

Everyone knew that there were some hard-core white supremacist types still out there. When I was growing up they seemed to have congregated in the Pacific Northwest.

But we were so beyond all of this.

I gotta tell ya, I was damn proud to vote for Barack Obama in 2008.

It seemed to me, and millions of other Americans, that we were finally, seriously, moving beyond the old crusty racism of the past.

And the thing of it is, we were.

The United States, along with West, more generally, is actually the least racist part of the planet but Americans are so insulated and egotistical that they cannot see it.

The question that is foremost in my mind is the degree to which this racism was just there and to what extent was it politically constructed?

Monday, August 14, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left

This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman start with an interview with former Obama US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro who is visiting Australia as one of the keynote speakers at the JNF gala dinners in Melbourne and Sydney, and then speak live with Daniel Mandel from the Zionist Organisation of America on General McMaster (albeit truncated because the line dropped out unexpectedly).

The fellahs are also joined in the studio by Yosef Drever from Achdut HaLev, an organisation he started to promote aliya to Israel, and then they hear from Dr Martin Sherman on his "humanitarian"option for resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

3 min Editorial: Islam

9 min Dan Shapiro, former US ambassador to Israel (JNF Gala)

29 min Daniel Mandel,[LIVE]  ZOA on General McMaster

47 min Yosef Drever, from Achdut HaLev on aliya to Israel

1 hr 2 Martin Sherman, "humanitarian" solution to conflict

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Someone who recognizes what the challenge is

Sar Shalom

Fathom Journal has a new interview up with Israeli Brigadier General (res.) Yossi Kupperwasser. Kupperwasser's major theme is that the chief impediment to the peaceful resolution is the Palestinians' insistence on a narrative in which the Jews are not a people and that the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel is a fiction. Of particular note is that Kupperwasser responds to the notion that Naftali Bennett's opposition to a Palestinian state shows that he is opposed to any viable peace agreement by noting,
when these people say ‘we don’t want a Palestinian state’ what they are actually saying is: ‘We don’t believe the Palestinians are going to change their narrative. And as long as the Palestinians don’t change their narrative we don’t want a Palestinian state, because it is going to constitute a threat to Israel.’

If there was a change in the Palestinian narrative, ..., Israelis would see this as a wonderful move and be more forthcoming on the issue of peace.
The one flaw in Kupperwasser's understanding of the situation is he sees the momentum behind the Taylor Force Act, which would bar payments to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as long as the PA maintains on its books the law that pays salaries to those held in Israeli prisons for terrorist acts, as evidence that the United States, both the Administration and Congress, is starting to recognize that peace depends on a new narrative. This is not a criticism of the Taylor Force Act and ending US support for PA payments to terrorists is definitely to be praised, even if it is side effects of causing the PA to collapse. However, imposing consequences for supporting terror is not insistence on a new narrative. To see why, ask whether the Taylor Force Act would impose any consequence on the PA if it stops all payments to prisoners and then sends a resolution to UNESCO declaring that the ground underneath the Knesset is an Islamic heritage site and calling on Israel to give the "Islamic site" due deference.

In order to force the Palestinians to change their narrative, it will be necessary to demand the Palestinians ... change their narrative, and impose consequences if they fail to do so. As I have written previously, the Palestinians could demonstrate that they have a new narrative by making the following three-fold declaration:
  • The Jews are a people
  • The Jewish people are deeply connected to the Land of Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery
If the Palestinians were to make that declaration, any subsequent bringing of resolutions to UNESCO declaring Jewish holy sites as exclusively Muslim would show that the declaration was insincere and thus justify revoking any privileges that were conditioned on making it. Anything short of making the declaration should be regarded as maintaining the narrative and result in treating the PA as a pariah.

A tale of two NY Times stories

Sar Shalom

The New York Times has two stories today that can be summarized in the following manner: [A] says the [B] is engaged in violating fundamental democratic rights of [C] because of [C]'s exercise of free speech.

One of those articles appears on the home page of the Times' website and you can fill it in with [A] = the alt-right, [B] = Google, [C] = James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired for writing a memo attributing low levels of women in leadership positions to lower capabilities of women. The other story appears in the Opinion section and can be filled in with [A] = Sherif Mansour, the author of the op-ed piece, [B] = Israel, [C] = reporters who write negative things about Israel.

I hardly need to explain to this audience about the malfeasance committed by most of the press corp in Israel and the abuse of freedoms granted that led Israel to draw a line which will lead to consequences if crossed. It is all well and good to point out that case, and eagerly wait to read responses to Mansour along those lines. However, a parallel point is that the malfeasance committed by the media in Israel is to critical coverage of Israel as Damore's memo is to raising legitimate questions about affirmative action policies. In turn, Mansour in covering Israel's response to the most egregious demonization of itself as though it were censorship of criticism of any kind, and the Times in giving a platform to every Tom, Dick, and Harry leveling such charges against Israel, are acting like the alt-right in its defense of the likes of James Damore.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim - Part 1: Who Is Rasmieh Odeh

The video clip beneath this one is where Rasmea Odeh's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) associate, Aisha Odeh, admits to the murder of two innocent college students because they dared to be Jews living on the historical homeland of the Jewish people.

The enemies of Israel (and, thus, the Jewish people) claim that Rasmea Odeh is as innocent as... day.

They claim that her confession was yanked from her through torture and rape.

But here is the video evidence of her guilt. Her associate admitted to the murder.

Notice, of course, how blasé and pleased with themselves they are chatting about the murder of Jews.

Aisha said this:

"...and finally there was no choice but to engage in armed activity. We had discussions about it. I turned to involvement in armed activity. We carried out an operation in Western Jerusalem on February 22, 1969... We placed two bombs. One bomb exploded and bomb was discovered a few moments before it exploded. Two were killed and 10 were wounded."

Yes, Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner were blown up by people celebrated at Reem's antisemitic restaurant and cafe at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland.

And almost nobody gives a shit.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What Saudi Arabia can contribute to deescalating tensions

Sar Shalom

Jonathan Tobin has an excellent article this week in Israel Hayom on why the moderate Muslim states are more beholden to the radicals on the street than they have influence over them. However, there is one thing that they could do that would counter the narrative that drives the street radicals. That would be to promote the teachings of Ibn Taymiyya regarding Jerusalem.

This should be natural for Saudi Arabia because Ibn Taymiyya is the unassailable authority for Saudi Arabia on everything else. However, politically, the Saudi government might not be able to promote Ibn Taymiyya's views on Jerusalem at this point. However, if individual Saudi clerics were to do so, the government could plausibly deny any role in calling for yielding on Jerusalem. Would it be worth asking those who conduct discreet talks with the Saudis to ask them to green light imams to write about Ibn Taymiyya's views of Jerusalem, using the same language that Ibn Taymiyya used for today's Muslim visitors to Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left

This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman speak with Emily Gian from the Zionist Federation of Australia and then hear from English-Israeli journalist political commentator and journalist Barry Shaw on the BDS movement.

After that they are joined in the studio by Hugh Kitson, producer of a new documentary called 'Whose Land?' which has its premiere in Melbourne this Sunday night, and then speak with American journalist Hunter Stuart who found his views on Israel changing after he was assigned there.

Isi Leibler is taking a break from work for a while so the fellahs play a very interesting clip on moderate Muslims from Robert Spencer.

6 min Editorial: Violence on Temple Mount

12 min Emily Gian, Zionist Federation of Australia

26 min Barry Shaw, journalist and commentator on BDS

50 min Hugh Kitson, film producer of Whose Land?

1 hr 8 min Hunter Stuart, Christian journalist whose views on Israel changed

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

Contact Michael and Alan at Nothing Left:

Monday, July 31, 2017

Why Stand With Us does not stand with us (Updated)

Michael Lumish

There are pro-Israel and pro-Jewish groups that I appreciate, like the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and there are fake pro-Israel / pro-Jewish groups like J-Street that I despise.

Stand With Us (SWU) is both genuinely pro-Israel and pro-Jewish and I've generally appreciated their middle-of-the-road, bland stance because like milk it goes down easier for non-Jews and for Jews who don't really give a shit.

If Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a racist anti-Zionist organization and J-Street is really about supporting Democrats and the ZOA is about supporting Israel while taking off the gloves - my preferred stance - SWU is about reasonableness.

They do not want to offend anyone. They have no particular desire to upset Muslims. They want to extend a warm hand of friendship to Christians and to everyone else who will do likewise. I find this potentially admirable and hopefully useful in terms of Jewish outreach.

So, although I find SWU impassionate, I also acknowledge their potential utility precisely because they are middle-of-the-road.

What I failed to understand, however, was just why SWU refused to help with the Reem's controversy? As anyone who reads my material knows there have been a few tiny "protests" - if that word is even appropriate - for a couple of aging Jews with signs joining hands with a single friendly non-Jew.

What amazed me at the time was the turn-out that Reem Assil was able to get through her anti-Zionist connections to confront us in front of her vile, genocidally-inclined, establishment. In the last "protest" there were many more of them than there were of us. I thought that it was pretty impressive that such a small number of Jewish people could create such an intense backlash!

The mural of Rasmea Odeh is the equivalent of a mural celebrating the lynching of black people.

It would be as if she put up a mural celebrating the 2009 New Year's Eve shooting of Oscar Grant on the BART platform that looks down upon Reem's.

What it says to cognizant Jewish people stopping in for a snack - coming or going from the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland - is "we want you dead."

Is it not obvious that celebrating the murderer of two Jewish college students is the same as calling for the murder of Jewish people, in general?

What I failed to understand, however, is why the local SWU refused to stand with us.

I received an email not so long ago from a prominent member who sought to explain to me why SWU is weak.

What I was told is this:

1) there are few Jewish people willing to protest anything anti-Jewish to begin with.

2) they have a policy against any such activities on the Sabbath.

3) there are significant public relations concerns for the organization if people behave badly.


4) if they tell unknown people when this is going to be the other side will catch wind, as well.

That's it.

Make of it what you will.


I received this response from the SWU NW chapter:
Our Bay Area director is aware of your position, Michael.  There is nothing further that my region will do on this matter.  Please do not post derogatory comments on our Facebook page, as it does nothing to help our cause.  We are working hard to support Israel here in our region.  Thank you.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Reem's Protest is Doomed

Michael Lumish

Fuggedabout it.

The protest against Reem's antisemitic restaurant and bakery at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland, California never had a chance.

There are a number of reasons for this.

The first is the absolute failure of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish leadership, including both the synagogues and Stand With Us, to stand with us.

If the people with the money and the influence do not seem to care it is exceedingly difficult to get anyone else to give a damn. Why should any non-Jew with power and influence care if even the local Jewish leadership does not?

So, the institutional support is lacking which obviously depresses potential support even in a cause as just as opposing the veneration of a genocidal Jew Hater in a public restaurant.

Another reason for the failure of the Reem's action is that the leader of the small group of elderly protesters wants anonymity retained as much as possible because standing up in favor of Jewish rights can be a dangerous game.

Our enemies are not opposed to using violence, quite obviously, in order to support their anti-Jewish agenda. Thus I have been reprimanded for mentioning the names of people at the last protest.

That is my mistake, I am sure.

I just figured that if people are willing to speak in public with the cameras rolling and they don't mind having their faces and voices put on-line in support of the Movement for Jewish Freedom then they would not mind me mentioning them in my pieces promoting the fight.

I was wrong.

Some do mind, apparently.

It is as if they wish to choose when speaking in public before others is a public act and when it is actually a private act.

Personally,  I think that if you wish to stand up in public you should own your name.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reemed in Oakland

Michael Lumish

{Also published at the Elder of ZiyonJews Down Under and The Jewish Press.}

"You're lucky that you are in that wheelchair, motherfucker!"

That is what a young, six-foot-plus, twenty-something supporter of Rasmea Odeh and Reem Assil of Reem's antisemitic restaurant in Oakland shouted at Robin Durbin at the recent pro-Israel / pro-Jewish rally put together by Faith Meltzer, Matthew Finkelstein, and Uncle Bernie supporter, Susan George, at the Fruitvale BART Station.

And so here the hostility comes again... even to a place as far away from Israel as the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have been aware of the rise of antisemitic anti-Zionism within the western-left for at least ten years - which makes me a late-comer, I know - but I honestly did not expect it see it banging on my door so closely and so quickly within my lifetime and certainly not here on the west coast of the United States.

Most of us who live in the Golden Land do not fathom that the swirling international whirlwind of manifold Muslim toxic bullshit can touch us.

Some of us looked up for a moment from our iPhones and double-tall non-fat foamy mocha lattes (extra-hot) to notice the Islamist rampage in San Bernardino but quickly shrugged it off like a case of fleas on the political landscape, quickly to be forgotten.

This is because we are smug and arrogant and think we are safe.

The truth is that the hip and vapid coastal strip from San Diego up to San Francisco never really did grow out of Frankie and Annette at Bikini Beach in 1964.

Which is precisely why they don't care about, or understand, Reem's genocidal ambitions for the Jews of the Middle East:

What we are witnessing is nothing less than the process of the normalization of Jew Hatred in an organic and gradual fashion through normal day-to-day retail activity in northern California.

Reem's Restaurant at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland (510-852-9390) venerates genocidal Jew Hater, Rasmea Odeh with a mural smiling down upon their mostly unwitting customers gnawing at their Man’oushe.

Apparently, Reem Assil, the radical hard-left Linda Sarsour-loving proprietor of this joint may know how to cook... perhaps.

What she does, if her menu can be trusted, is top a little flatbread with olive oil and za'atar, seasoned with thyme, sumac, sesame seeds, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and mint.

It sounds pretty delicious to me, I have to tell you. In fact, I was hoping to eat there because initially it seemed like a much better alternative to the crappy steam-table Chinese joint that used to be at that spot.

In fact, I am getting hungry just writing about it. Sadly, I will never know if Assil's food is good, bad, or indifferent because I would rather rip my left arm out of its socket and beat myself silly with it then spend a single dime in a place that normalizes and, thus, promotes racism and violence toward the Jewish people... particularly in my own neighborhood, for chrissake.

Rasmea Odeh was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an organization most famous for the the Entebbe hijacking of 1976 and their desire to knock-out pro-Israel Jews as entirely as possible.

Her specific claim to chimpanzee-clapping glory is the murder of 21-year-old Leon Kanner of Netanya and 22-year-old Eddie Joffe of Tel Aviv in the Jerusalem SuperSol supermarket bombing in 1969, injuring nine others.

Therefore, Faith Meltzer, Matthew Finkelstein, Susan George, Robin Dubner and myself insisted upon another confrontation with the anti-Jewish / anti-Zionist racists associated with Reem Assil and her vile establishment as documented in the video above, despite the fact that we knew we were going to be outnumbered and out-muscled.

The obvious reason for our concern is that Oakland, California in 2017 should not resemble Berlin in, say, 1938.

The Larger Ideological Snapshot

What strikes me most about this whole situation, however - aside from the fact that it normalizes violence toward the Jewish people in my own city - is that it also reveals the remarkable hypocrisy that has crawled into the western-left.

Whether anyone likes it or not, the left is shedding liberalism and making a comfy cozy home of itself for antisemitic anti-Zionism.

Identity politics, multiculturalism, political correctness, and "intersectionality" have come together to shove Jewish people who care about Israel - which is to say, who care about one another - up against the wall.

That is to say, the progressive-left is happy to see diaspora Jewry surrounded by hatred and potential violence if it means that eventually we will capitulate to the demands of the Palestinian-Arab murderers that they tend to sympathize with... as a matter of "social justice."

Unless we display the necessary degree of contempt for our brothers and sisters in Israel then we are considered beyond the scope of human decency within the western-left and much of the Democratic Party.

And what that, apparently, means is that Jewish people in California must pass-by the grinning face of a Jew killer with equanimity if we wish to travel from Fruitvale BART into San Francisco or arrive at that station from anywhere on the line.

If we dare to object to this, however, we are spit upon with contempt by progressives, leftists, and more than a few Democrats as nothing less than "white supremacists."

The hard-left may not mind violent antisemites like Odeh, but they definitely despise Jews who dare to speak up for the well-being of the Jewish people, as a whole, or for the State of Israel as our national homeland.

The reason behind all of this, however, is not just about antisemitism.

It is far too easy to simply slap a label on people who - like Rasmea Odeh or her flatbread-hawking, hatred-spreading devotee, Reem Assil - would see Jewish people robbed of self-determination and self-defense.

The real problem is that the western-left is unmooring itself from the tradition of Enlightenment liberalism, which is also, by the way, the reason that Europe is committing suicide as their own elites urinate upon the Euro working-class.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

More Fun at Reem's

Michael Lumish

You guys missed a lot of fun today outside of Reem's "Kill the Jews" Restaurant and Bakery at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland. I will have more to say on it in the coming weeks, but it was a much more interesting and crazy scene then the action initiated by Faith Meltzer a few weeks ago. Then there were five us and we were largely ignored until, apparently, the restaurant called in their Brown Shirts.

I had split by that point, but that was when they assault Robin Dubner in her wheel chair.

Today there were a grand total of 6 of us, including Matthew Finkelstein and that guy rocks!

He also brought in a professional media person to get some footage which we should be seeing within a few days.

In any case, this time were outnumbered by a factor of five or six to one and it was the first time in my life that I was called a "white supremacist."

Can you imagine?

For objecting to veneration of genocidal maniac we were lambasted as racist.

In any case, we need to keep the pressure on.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Why is Reem Assil Glorifying a Murderer of Jews?

Michael Lumish

What bothers me most about the fact that Reem's Restaurant and Bakery (510-852-9390) at the Fruitvale BART Station is promoting the murder of innocent Jewish people is the fact that local Jewish organizational leadership does not seem to care.

I find this sad and pathetic.

Stand With Us - which is an important group, I guess - apparently has more important things to do then concern itself with this.

The reason is because they have limited resources and, ya know, shaddup!

It is difficult for me to describe this moment in local political history because I have never experienced what - at least in some small measure - it must have been like for Jewish Berliners in the early 1930s.

I keep suggesting that the installation of Reem's at the Fruitvale BART Station is something akin to requiring Jewish people to pass storefront signs reading, "No Jews Allowed."

This, as has been pointed out to me, is not a good analogy.

It is, in fact, more akin to requiring Jewish people to pass storefront signs reading, "We are going to fucking kill you."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quick Note on Reem's

Michael Lumish

Because we have no local Jewish institutional support I do not see that we can do much concerning the genocidal Jew Hatred on display at Reem's Restaurant (510-852-9390) in the Fruitvale Bart Station in Oakland, California.

It needs to be understood that this mural of glorified "feminist" and Jew Killer, Rasmea Odeh, glares out at everyone who goes into and out of a major transportation hub in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is not some lonesome restaurant.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who live in Oakland, or surrounding areas, who use the Fruitvale BART station going to and from San Francisco.

Everyday, as those people walk by that face - or drop in for some flatbread at Reem's on the way home from work - they are being taught that killing Jews is not only fine, but heroic.

As someone who lives in the area I was actually looking forward to eating there before I realized that Reem's quite literally promotes violent hatred toward the Jewish people in a public way.

She and her people promote it. They glorify it and, thereby, make it acceptable and perfectly normal.

They, in fact, represent a toe-hold of Palestinian-Arab political hatred toward Jews in the Bay Area. Generally speaking, Palestinian-Arab political hatred toward Jews in the United States has primarily expressed itself within the academe in the form of "anti-Zionism."

Now we are seeing that hatred expressed in a popular, street manner that glorifies the murder of Jews, in general.

Rasmea Odeh killed two young Jewish college students in Jerusalem, along with injuring nine other people, in an attack carried out by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1969.

That may sound like a long time ago, but this woman is a current political actor on the American scene.

She is now considered something of a feminist hero and is an associate of Sharia-promoting, faux-feminist, Linda Sarsour.

The problem is that there is no will to fight this in the Bay Area because Bay Area Jews are weak.

Our numbers are far too small and the various pro-Israel / pro-Jewish organizations do not really give a damn or simply refuse to stand up.

If Faith Meltzer had any support then we could fight back. We could gather greater numbers and gain some legal backing. We could discuss matters, perhaps, with Reem's landlord. We could put pressure on the city.

As a Jew that cares, I am all-in.

But if this represented a poker hand, I would toss in those cards in a New York minute.

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left

Because the J-Air studios are being relocated, no live shows are currently available until late July, so Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are pre-recording a 1hr program each week featuring two new interviews.

This week the fellahs feature Italian political scientist Emanuele Ottolenghi discussing the situation in Europe, and Richard Millet, a London blogger who found himself in the middle of the al-Quds rally in London. The Prager U clip this week features Andrew Klavan talking about fake news.

Isi Leibler is having some time off but will return when we resume live programs.

3 min Emanuele Ottolenghi, Italian commentator

23 min Prager U: Andrew Klavan on fake news

8 min Richard Millett, London blogger at al-Quds rally

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Why there cannot be peace, and what could show that that obstacle is gone

Sar Shalom

Nearly everyone either declares that peace must be brought between Israel and the Palestinians or that doing so is impossible. For those who declare that it is impossible, a common argument is that the Palestinian Authority (PA) gives payments to terrorists. Supporters of Israel are correct to complain about such payments and the Taylor Force Amendment, which would bar US funding for the PA as long as such payments continue, would be a positive development if enacted. However, the payments are not the cause of peace being impossible, they are merely symptoms of that cause. The actual cause of peace being unattainable is fundamental rejectionism by the Palestinians.

For the diehard peace processor, it is axiomatic that the Palestinians do not fundamentally reject Israel's existence, that they only want the land that the international community considers to be rightfully theirs. Bolstering that argument, they trot out the interviews in which Abbas has supposedly recognized Israel. One issue with this is that there is no reason to accept these claims by Abbas at face value which would not require accepting Netanyahu's claims of accepting the eventuality of a Palestinian state nor is there any reason to accept that Netanyahu's campaign statements against the emergence of such a state are many more definitive of Netanyahu's position than Abbas' Arabic statements declaring devotion to all of Palestine are definitive of Abbas' position. However, that is not how to demonstrate that the PA fundamentally rejects Israel in any form.

If the PA fundamentally rejects Israel in any form, and thus has as its goal of "liberating" every last dunam under Jewish control, then its top priority would be to inculcate this rejectionism in its subjects, because if the Palestinian were to stop rejecting Israel fundamentally, then there would no troops to carry out the mission. However, as Einat Wilf has said, most people do not readily sign up for causes that they believe to be evil. Thus inculcating such fundamental rejectionism requires portraying Zionism as fundamentally evil within no redeeming aspect. In pursuit of this indoctrination, the PA instills three major points in its public:
  • The Jews are not a people, they're only a religion.
  • The Jewish connection to the land is made up.
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion accurately describes Israel's agenda
While the PA might be motivated by the belief that as Allah's master faith that it is their right to enforce the natural order in which the Jews are everywhere and always an abased people under others' domination. However, convincing their people to subscribe to that viewpoint is like convincing people to sign up for evil. Instead, these three points portray Israel as evil and remove every motive except European colonialism from Zionism, thus brainwashing them into believing that pursuing Israel's complete end is a just cause.

In order for there to be a chance for peace to advance, the PA needs to say three things:
  • The Jews are a people.
  • The Jewish people are deeply connected to the Land of Israel in general, and Jerusalem in particular.
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery.
All declarations contrary to those three statements must be removed from all official communications. Doing so would not guarantee that the PA accepts Israel right, as opposed to might, to be in the Middle East. However, it would make it harder to raise a generation that accepts at most the might of Israel to exist. As such, the message we should tell our leaders should not be to accept the settlements in Kiryat Arba or to crack down on Palestinian terror. Rather, it should be to insist that Abbas make the aforementioned three part declaration and cease all official communications contradicting any part of that declaration, and that there will be no pressure on Israel to talk until those conditions are met.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Note to Reem Assil (She has yet to respond)

Michael Lumish

Dear Reem,

My name is Michael Lumish and I would like to speak with you.

I am the proprietor of Israel Thrives, a regular contributor to Daniel Pipes' Middle East Forum and Campus Watch, as well as various other pro-Jewish / pro-Israel venues such as The Algemeiner, the Times of Israel, the Elder of Ziyon, and elsewhere.

As a Jewish Oaklander, I am intending to write an article concerning your mural of Rasmea Odeh and what it suggests about ethnic relations in the United States.

What I would like to do, if you are willing, is meet for a snack and a cup of coffee at Reem's for a discussion concerning this.

I know that you are a Palestinian woman standing up for the rights of the Palestinian people, just as I am a Jewish man standing up for the rights of the Jewish people.

Will you meet with me for 10 or 15 to discuss it?

Say, sometime in the morning this week or next?

I very much appreciate your consideration and you have my thanks.

Michael Lumish

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left

Because the J-Air studios are being relocated, no live shows are currently available until late July, so Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are pre-recording a 1hr program each week featuring two new interviews.

This week they feature an extended interview with Dr Tanveer Ahmed, a Muslim psychiatrist who explains aspects of the Muslim mindset that go some way to explaining their behaviour.

Our segment from Prager University delves into the thorny issue of Israeli settlements with a presentation by Alan Dershowitz.

Isi Leibler is having some time off but will return when we resume live programs.

2 min Editorial: Australian Labor Party

8 min Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Muslim psychiatrist

47 min Dershowitz: Are Israeli Settlements a Barrier to Peace

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The first protest of Reem's: the only restaurant in Oakland openly devoted to the genocide of the Jews

Michael Lumish

An older Jewish man looks at a mural of
  Rasmea Odeh, a murderer of his people 
at Reem's restaurant
Well, today I attended our little protest of Reem's bakery/restaurant in Oakland.

Dusty of Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers fame put this one together and G-d bless her for it.

For those of you who do not know, Reem's (510-852-9390) is a restaurant that serves flatbread to the public, just off of the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland.

They do so in the name of politics at least as much as the culinary arts and antisemitic anti-Zionism is their flavor of choice. They, therefore, celebrate the murder of Jews as a matter of "social justice" as they pass off shakshuka and (yikes!) beet hummus.

This place is so into the righteous murder of Jewish people, in fact, that they put up a tremendous mural of Rasmea Odeh who has the distinction of being both a convicted murderer and a leader of contemporary American feminism - that is, if she has not yet been deported for deceiving the government on the terms of her admission into the United States - given the fact that she is a convicted murderer, and all.

She is a former member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) an associate of antisemitic anti-Zionist propagandist, Linda Sarsour, and one of the four primary organizers, along with Gloria Steinem, of the Women's March in Washington, D.C., after the Trump inauguration.

The people that she killed were Leon Kanner (21) and Edward Joffe (22).  Both were college students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem back in 1969. Odeh then spent the next ten years in an Israeli prison before being swapped out with around 75, or so, fellow Palestinian prisoners for a single kidnapped Jew.

What needs to happen, in my opinion, is for the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish community to let people know that the glorification of the murder of Jewish people is simply not acceptable.

Sadly, I do not believe that the Jewish community in the SF Bay Area has the leadership to stand up for much of anything.

I mean, if they will not stand against the murderer of Jewish college students smiling at them as they pass into Fruitvale BART - the very same station where Oscar Grant was killed, as an aside - then I must wonder what they will stand up for?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Modern day Bilaams

Sar Shalom

This week we will be reading the Torah portion Balak which contains the story of Bilaam traveling with the Moabite King Balak's officers on a mission to curse the Israelites. As Bilaam went on his way with those officers, his donkey saw an angel on the path holding a sword and veered off the path into the fields. Then when there were walls along the path, the donkey would push up against the wall, pressing Bilaam's foot against it. Finally, when the walls were too close together, the donkey just sat down. Each time, Bilaam beat the donkey to spur it along the path.

Bilaam, whether he actually experienced that journey or only dreamed about it, is an archetype for those who have a fixed idea of where they want to go, are willfully blind to any obstacles to getting there, and lash out at anyone responds to those obstacles in a way that impedes their getting to their destination. Such is the description of many, including many who claim to be supporters of Israel, pushing a two-state agreement with the Palestinian national movement (PNM). However, Israelis, with the exception of a vanishlingly small minority, are acutely aware of the reality of their purported partner for an agreement and thus elect governments that hesitate to conclude such an agreement. The moral narcissists, burying their heads in the sand about the nature of the PNM, conclude that this hesitancy is due to the settlers' insatiable demand for "Palestinian" land, and thus lash out by telling stories about Israel's disregard for human rights and support more consequential actions like UNSCR 2334.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
Because the J-Air studios are being relocated, no live shows are currently available until late July, so Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are pre-recording a 1hr program each week featuring two new interviews.

This week they speak with Jeremy Newark who was the Labour candidate for Golders Green in the recent UK election, and then we hear from Max Singer from the Begin-Sadat Centre on how the Palestinians need to understand that their aim of eradicating Israel has been defeated.

Isi Leibler is having some time off but will return when we resume live programs.

2 min Editorial: antisemitism in Australia

8 min Jeremy Newmark, Labour candidate for Golders Green

26 min Prager U: Where Are The Moderate Muslims?

32 min Max Singer, BESA Centre

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

Contact Michael and Alan at Nothing Left:

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Question of Progressive-Left Racism

Michael Lumish

My central thesis is that the western-left is shedding Enlightenment liberalism.

The capitulation of universal human rights in the face of the multicultural challenge has led to the western-left betrayal of women, Gay people, and ethnic minorities in the Middle East, the rise of left-leaning racism in the West, and an attack at the core Enlightenment liberal value of freedom of speech throughout the universities and the culture at large.

I was recently in an exchange with an individual of the progressive-left persuasion.

He asked me this:
How pervasive a role do you believe these so-called "absolutely toxic, divisive, and racist influences of contemporary left 'identity politics' play in determining the outcome of, say, a presidential election? The Republicans, for example, have been openly using racist dog whistle phrases since at least 1968 but don't appear to have suffered greatly as a result.
This was my response:
The question of just how pervasive the role of progressive-left racism was to Hillary's defeat is a good one. It's hard to say, of course. Whatever the extent of influence I feel reasonably certain that the struggling white working class does not much appreciate progressive-left condescension.

Here are a few examples of articles that have come out recently.

The Nation has something called, "How Donald Trump Will Make America White Again".

The Grapevine published "Dear White People: Here’s a List of Things We’d Wish You’d Stop Doing".

AlterNet has "America's White Male Problem".

Salon ran a piece entitled, "Samantha Bee Calls Out White People, and Specifically White Women, for 'Ruining America'".

Salon also ran a piece entitled, "White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it".

ThoughtCatalog ran an article called, "America Has A Problem And It’s Called Straight White Men".

MTV, of course, gave the world "New Years Resolutions for White Males".

The Racism Review sees, "Elite White Men as The Problem".

And on and on and on.

I can assure you that very many white people will look at such progressive-left cultural productions and say, "Ya know what? Go fuck yourselves." Just what percentage will do that is difficult to say.

What matters, tho, is not the hurt feelings of white people but the ideological inconsistency of the progressive-left which fancies itself an anti-racist movement.

As we just saw at the Dyke March in Chicago... it isn't.

The truth of the matter is that the western-left is going thru a process of deliberalization and the increasing racism (or bigotry) on the left is one of the primary means through which this is happening.

The other significant assault on liberalism by the western-left is the assault on free speech. I imagine that Milo Yiannapolous and Dave Rubin and Sam Harris and Bill Maher may have a word or two on that subject.

This means only in economics does the western-left maintain something of a grip on liberalism because left-economics is still grounded in regulatory capitalism.

Once it gives up on that it will have left Enlightenment liberalism behind entirely.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Professors Spin Antisemitic Conspiracies at Cal State-Fresno

Michael Lumish

Cinnamon Stillwell, my Campus Watch and Middle East Forum associate, and I have a piece up for The Algemeiner entitled, Professors Spin Antisemitic Conspiracies at Cal State-Fresno.

Here is an excerpt:
California State University, Fresno (CSUF) is the last place that one would expect conspiracy theories about Jewish power to proliferate — because Jews make up less than one percent of Fresno’s population. But leave it to the academic world to provide fertile ground for this ugly trope.

It began last year, when CSUF sought to hire someone for an endowed professorship to be named after the late Columbia University professor Edward Said. When the hiring committee failed to appoint one of the final four applicants — all of Middle Eastern heritage — and CSUF canceled the search, an acrimonious battle ensued.
This story represents the mood of much of the country, particularly the academic-left, when it comes to Jews and Israel.

You should check it out.

Monday, June 26, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
Because the J-Air studios are being relocated, no live shows are currently available until late July, so Michael and Alan are pre-recording a 1hr program each week featuring two new interviews.

This week speak with Avi Abelow, founder of Israel Video Network which produces many of the Israel advocacy video clips that surface on Facebook. We also hear part 2 of an interview with British political analyst and commentator Denis MacEoin who did some research on Bishop George Browning, head of Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network.

Isi Leibler is having some time off but will return when we resume live programs.

2 min Editorial: Islamic terrorism

7 min Avi Abelow, Israel Video Network

28 min Denis MacEoin, UK commentator on Bishop Browning

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

Contact us at Nothing Left:

Friday, June 23, 2017


The Progressive-Left Needs to Move Beyond its Religious Prejudices

Michael Lumish

This is just something that I wrote on the Facebook page of a real world friend who also happens to be a self-described communist in San Francisco. 
I am not trying to cause a shitstorm for the fun of shitstorms... although a good shitstorm can rattle around the marbles a little bit... which is sometimes necessary.

I come out of the left.

What motivates me is not some desire to piss on the progressive movement, but to encourage it to live up to its principles because otherwise the politics have no meaning. It just descends into toxic, divisive, Us versus Them, Democrats versus Republicans, manichean, self-righteous religious bullshit.

{And make no mistake, some of the most religious people that I ever met in my life were devoutly atheist.}

The truth, of course, is that the western-left is absolutely riddled with racism and prejudice and what raises my eyebrow is its general unwillingness to even acknowledge those prejudices. Instead, it all just becomes a sports competition in which we pat one another on the tush while booing the insidious Red Sox.

As for the types of progressive-left racism, there seem to be three.

There is western-left anti-white racism.

There is western-left "humanitarian racism" which is something akin to nineteenth-century notions of "white man's burden."

And then there is antisemitic anti-Zionism.

The task before you, if you wish to accept it, is to figure out how to reconcile the kind of economic justice that Kurt stresses - and for good reason - versus the kind of divisive and racist "idenitity politics" which gave the world the Great Orange Cheetoh.

Let me put it to you this way on a personal note:
It would be much, much easier for me to fight for economic justice if it did not also include Linda Sarsour and antisemitic anti-Zionism as the price of admission. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Moulitsas Discussion

Michael Lumish

This started out as a comment here, but when I dug up that old Docudharma thing I figured it could stand on its own.

I never saw Markos as a hateful guy, though.

Early on he made a dumb comment concerning the war in Afghanistan. I don't even remember, exactly, but it was callous concerning the loss of American mercenaries in battle.

As you guys know he never said "boo" about the Arab-Israel conflict, thus it is not reasonably possible to make an objective judgment on his thoughts on the matter. What I suspect is that his sympathies were not particularly with Israel, nor particularly with the Palestinian-Arabs.

What he knew for certain was that the issue was a potential threat to his livelihood so he stayed the hell away from it. I certainly don't blame him for that.

As I was chewing over this comment I found this satirical piece that I wrote for the hell of it about Moulitsas for Docudharma 10 years ago.

I reference Francis Holland at the end. My guess is that none of you guys will know that name. If I am wrong let me know.

But does anyone remember the name buhdydharma?

Markos Moulitsas, I am here to tell you, is one of the finest examples of humanity that I have ever witnessed.

He is a gentlemen, a scholar, a philanthropist, and, when he is not helping little old ladies across busy streets in San Francisco, he can usually be found at the local orphanage handing out presents to the poor.

Some have said of Markos that he is a combination of Martin Luther King, Jr… Mahatma Gandhi… Mother Theresa… Albert Schweitzer.

Others have noted that, in person, Markos fairly glows with the sublime, transcendent radiance of a thousand suns; a radiance normally attributed to holy men and bodhisattvas. 
A mere glance of his divine countenance can heal the sick and gladden the heart.

Yea, verily, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, because Markos Moulitsas walketh with me.

And Daily Kos?

They say of Daily Kos that it is a mere blog, but it is not.  It as an ashram comprised entirely of gentle souls and seekers after lost knowledge.

With Hunter on his left and Pastordan on his right, Markos walks among the children of Daily Kos and blesses them with his wisdom, his compassion, and his heart-breaking insight.

There is only one word that can really describe Markos Moulitsas.

It is Love.

The Divine Energy which is the source of Life is the Stuff of Markos.

And, remember, each of you, my friends.

His nature is that of forgiveness and in His magnificent heart… he cries for us all.
You Lie, Karmafish!

Moulitsas is Evil!!!!

He is the source of everything diseased and poisonous in the American political landscape.

He is the darkness that consumes the darkness.

Anyone who gets involved with Moulitsas soon realizes that behind that boyish face lies the mind of an evil genius who seeks nothing less than world domination! 
Anyone who opposes him soon finds himself crushed beneath the Fascist Boot of his nefarious intent.

He will stop at nothing, I tell you.  Nothing!

He will destroy anything that gets in his way.

Before he is through the streets of San Francisco will run red with the blood of 1000 baby harp seals.

Good people throughout the land will flee in terror before the terrible onslaught of his crazed Orange Minions.

Entire cities will be consumed in fire and the land will be laid waste.

Markos Moulitsas is a foul and loathsome creature who, as an El Salvadoran Death Squad commander, delighted in torturing his victims with the ingenious cruelty of a maniacal psychopath.

There is only one man who can stop him!

There is only one hero to whom we can turn.

Our savior from a far-off land.

Francis L. Holland.

Yes, it’s Francis L. Holland – strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

Francis L. Holland – who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend the will of Congress with his bare hands, and who, disguised as Armstrong Williams, mild mannered reporter from a great metropolitan newspaper, fights the never ending battle for… 
Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Calling Pro-Israel "Kossacks"

Michael Lumish

This morning I received the following note from
Looking for Kossacks who kept notes when they banned the Jews

From what I can remember, there was an organized PR campaign to promote Hamas and Hezbollah by publishing their propaganda every day and getting rid of their opposition. Someone found Meteor Blades on a published list of the PR team. Talking Points Memo had a guy publishing the same propaganda. I don't remember the details. Did anybody save this information?
I do not know "cecrops" but the name is vaguely familiar.

I also do not recall any "organized PR campaign to promote Hamas and Hezbollah...".

There were antisemitic anti-Zionists who enjoyed promoting violence against Jews by spreading the idea of Jewish guilt to naive, but well-meaning, "progressives" but I was never aware of much of an organized effort on their part.

Sure, they were more coordinated than the pro-Israel contingent, but it was not as if Meteor Blades (an anti-Israel Daily Kos administrator) was organizing an effort against the Jews at that joint.

Cecrops sent a second email:
I was not able to find contact information for most people. is running a wine blog 
Shane Hensinger has gone places. 
Adam B
AmbroseBurnside went net.dead in 2009
another American
Borat Sagdiyev
DemocraticLuntz - possibly
Eyal Rosenberg - quit, could not find the same user
Flash Savior of the Universe - net.dead since 2009
Jay Elias
Keith Moon
Krissy McD
leftynyc - net.dead in 2009
Paul in Berkeley
Red Sox
Red Tulips stopped blogging in 2009 but has appeared in the comments in Israel Matsav
ZionistYoungster has not blogged since 2007 may have been involved in the defunct Revolutionary Zionism / Zionist Freedom Alliance movement

Possible friendlies:
Captain C
Steve Love
Borat Sagdiyev
buckhorn okie
The Raven
Sagebrush Bob

Possible neutrals: 
Marisacat and Madman in the Marketplace have appeared on Breakfast In The Ruins, but neither of them has been active for a few years.
I find it a little surprising that he sent me this email without putting "Karmafish" on that list of eminent pro-Israel Daily Kos advocates.

Sad for me, really, but I guess I will sleep tonight, anyway.

In any case, if any of you peoples have any information that could help this guy out, you have the email address at the top of the page.

Those of you who are my friends from the "bad old days" should consider contacting this guy.

The name "cecrops" sounds damn familiar.

It's probably one of you assholes!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Responding to Joely Cohen

Sar Shalom

If for no other reason than the potential for her ideas to infect an even larger portion of Jewish youth today, Joely Cohen's blog post at the Times of Israel needs a response. Many responses focus on the myriad peace offers that Israel has accepted and the Arabs refused, the fact that the Jews would have been annihilated if they had lost, or that the real tragedy for the Palestinians is that the Jews are no longer dhimmis. It is altogether proper that such sentiments should motivate opposition to Cohen's case, but we must not confuse what motivates us for what might convince others.

Take as an example the fact that we accepted compromise and the Arabs did not. Good little dhimmis like Cohen could turn around and craft a parable of someone who completed medical school and scored in the top 5% on the board certification, but was then told "Because of your ethnic background, you're not fit to be a doctor. You can be a nurse, however." Very few people, certainly not from Cohen's target audience, will accept an argument that someone put in that position should accept the compromise. We should not waste our time arguing that such a compromise should be accepted, we need to demonstrate that the compromise offers to the Arabs are different.

One response would be to take seriously her request at the end of her post.
Invite an uncensored Palestinian speaker into your youth movement...
My suspicion is that Cohen does not want Palestinians coming to speak without censorship. What she want is Palestinians coming to speak without Zionist censorship. However, for the likes of Cohen the only authentic Arab is an Arab who parrots the Palestinianist narrative, thus requiring that the Palestinian national movement (PNM) censor any Arab voices that might address the impressionable children. In the interest of exposing Jewish youth to Palestinian voices without other-than-Zionist censorship, here are a few speakers who could address them:
  • George Deek. The grandson of Arabs who left Israel during the 1948 and returned. Currently works in the Israeli foreign service.
  • Alaa Waheeb. Major in the Israel Defense Forces.
  • Mohammad Zoabi. Cousin of anti-Israel MK Hanin Zoabi, but staunch supported of the State of Israel.
  • Khaled Abu Toameh. Journalist who started in Palestinian media but left to work for the Jerusalem Post because Palestinian media only allowed him to produce propaganda.
  • Christy Anastas. Arab-Cristian born in Bethlehem who faced death-threats after making pro--Israel arguments.
This does not mean that the children should be shielded from PNM voices such as Maysoon Zayid, George Ibish, or Hanan Ashrawi. Aside from the moral dimensions of censorship, if it becomes clear that there is censorship, some of those receiving the censored information will conclude that it indicates something to hide and thus assign more validity to such arguments when they do finally hear them. Hearing PNM-voices along with Arab dissidents from the PNM could provide an innoculative effect against being persuaded by Palestinianist arguments when they grow up and are on their own. I am confident that if they hear both Arab perspectives that they would make a fair evaluation. Is Cohen?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week we start by discussing the relationship between Israel and New Zealand with communal leader Juliet Moses, and then we hear the latest on the British election with barrister and writer Jeremy Brier.

We speak with Christian Copt Raymond Ibrahim and then catch up with Isi Leibler in Jerusalem who has some thoughts on President Trump's waiver on moving the US embassy.

3 min Editorial: The Occupation

12 min Juliet Moses, New Zealand

51 min Jeremy Brier, UK commentator

1 hr 14 min Raymond Ibrahim, Coptic Christian

 1 hr 35 min Isi Leibler in Jerusalem

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

Contact us at Nothing Left:

Sunday, June 4, 2017

After London.


I recently posted "After Manchester," to discuss what happens after that horrible attack. Who knew what followed would be this most recent London attack? Rhetorical question, I know. We don't know much about the actual attackers; police will release names etc when it is "operationally possible." But there are some disturbing details leaking out.
  • One attacker had twice been referred to terror police
  • They had done nothing about it.
  • He was radicalized by an American Hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril from Dearborn Michigan  over YouTube
  • He had tried to convert local children
This may be why PM May now says the internet must be regulated; something I suggested last post. She also says "there is ‘far too much tolerance of extremism’ in UK and suggests increased jail terms for terrorism offenses." No mention yet of my suggestion about closing Mosques and jailing hate preachers but she did say progress "will require some difficult, and often embarrassing, conversations." No, REALLY?

Of course, there is still the same old silliness that comes from politicians being unable or unwilling to name the real enemy.  “It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth,” she said. “Defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time. But it cannot be defeated through military intervention alone.”

So, I suspect these posts of mine may become a regular feature...After (insert name of British city most recently attacked.)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

On the Road

Heya guys, I am traveling this week, but intend to get back into regular participation within a few days.

Oh, and as expected, Trump signed the embassy waiver.

{Shocking, I know.}

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week Michael and Alan speak live from the San Francisco Bay Area with blogger Mike Lumish, and then speak with Egyptian-born Australian Coptic Christian Nadia Ghaly on the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

They have an extended interview with French politician Phillipe Karsenty who, in his former life as a journalist, was instrumental in exposing the Muhammad al-Durrah hoax at the time of the second intifada.

And Isi Leibler joins them as usual from Jerusalem to discuss the ramifications of the Trump visit.

3 min Editorial: Islamic terrorism

11 min Mike Lumish, blogger, live in USA

33 min Nadia Ghaly, Egyptian Coptic Christian

51 min Phillipe Karsenty, French politician and journalist

1 hr 25     Isi Leibler in Jerusalem

The podcast can also be found on the J-Air website.

Or its Facebook page.

NOTHING LEFT can be heard live each Tuesday 9-11am on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield area, or via the J-Air website

Contact us at Nothing Left:

Monday, May 29, 2017

On J-AIR Radio Today Live

Michael Lumish

Heya guys, I will be speaking to Michael Burd and Alan Freedman live on their Nothing Left radio show today on mighty J-AIR out of Melbourne, Australia, at around 4:15 PM Pacific Standard Time.

We intend to discuss the deliberalization of the western-left and Trump's recent visit to Israel.

You can also catch the show as a podcast in the coming weeks.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Remembering the Crusades

Sar Shalom

The First Crusade began towards the end of the 11th century. On their way towards the Holy Land, the Crusaders passed the Rhine River and several Jewish villages there. They passed through around the time of the holiday of Shavuot, the holiday coming next week, and slaughtered every Jew in the villages they passed who would not convert to Christianity. This event was marked in the Ashkenazic liturgy by saying Av Harachamim on the Shabbatot before Shavuot and before Tisha B'Av (that is the original practice, as other massacres took place in other communities, many marked by saying Av Harachim on the anniversaries of those massacres, the practice became to expand the occasions on which it is said in most communities).

A few notes connecting that event to our times. One, just as the Crusaders were motivated by religious passion, Muslim jihadis do so today. Two, just as the Crusaders offered a particular appeal to the criminals of their time, so does today's call for avenging the honor of Islam. Three, just as participating in the Crusades promised one forgiveness for all sins and thus a ticket to heaven, today's avengers of the honor of Islam are promised 72 virgins in paradise.

A few more notes. While the attitudes towards non-believers in Christianity persisted for centuries afterwards, new theology did eventually take root in Christianity. Today, the theological tenets that propelled the Crusades among Christians nine centuries ago are popular across a broad segment of Islam. Many outside of Islam argue that these tenets are an immutable aspect of Islam and that we are therefore at war with all of Islam. My question to proponents of that notion is what about Islam today could not have been said about Christianity of the 11th century and thus can not be overcome the way that the Crusading theology of Christianity was superceded by Nostra Aetate? This is not to advocate any let up against those who profess an Islamic version of the Crusaders' theology, only to recognize the difference between practicing the five pillars and professing that theology.

Along a different strand of thought, "jihad" is term of honor to many Muslims. Does the fact that those avenging the honor of Islam call their action "jihad" mean that we should dignify them by using their preferred term as well? As I showed above, their actions have substantial parallels with the Crusades. Further, the term "Crusader" is derogatory term for Muslims, recall bin Laden calling those attacking him "Crusaders and Jews." Why not call them Crusaders, or to specify their cause, Islamic Crusaders?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Noura Erakat, Israel's Smiling Enemy, Speaks at Berkeley

Michael Lumish

{Sponsored by Campus Watch and published by The Algemeiner and Jews Down Under.}

Noura Erakat
If Brooklyn-based "feminist" and Palestinian apologist Linda Sarsour is the progressive-left flavor of the month, George Mason University international law professor Noura Erakat is a more intellectually significant, up-and-coming player in the growing Western, anti-Jewish, Israel-hating business.

Approximately fifty people attended Erakat’s keynote address at the recent UC Berkeley conference on the fiftieth anniversary of the Six Day War, “6 Days, 50 Years: 1967 and the Politics of Time. The conference was part of a larger University of California project "hosted in conjunction with Universities of California, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara."

Erakat, a practitioner of “lawfare” against Israel and the niece of Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat, represents a young, bright, smiling enemy to Israel and the Jewish people.

In her talk, “Taking the Land Without the People: International Law and the 1967 War,” Erakat raised such leading questions as “How has an exorbitant register of death and destruction as experienced in the Gaza Strip during Israel's most recent military offensives become tolerable in the language of law?” and “How has the Palestinian use of force been delegitimized to the point of extinguishing armed resistance by criminalizing all of it?”

The loaded nature of Erakat’s questions will be obvious to anyone with a passing grip on the history of the Jewish people under thirteen centuries of Arab-Muslim imperial rule. Given the lack of human rights for non-Muslims throughout the Middle East, it is laughable that she could ask them with a straight face.

Erakat asserted that the 1967 Israeli victory established “the machinery of occupation” whereby villages were established for the indigenous Jewish population in Judea and Samaria allegedly in direct contravention of international law.

Her principle argument was that the presence of Jews in Judea and Samaria represents a violation of the 4th Geneva Convention prohibiting states from moving people into territories occupied through war. As a skilled attorney and professional harasser of Middle Eastern Jewry in the U.S., Erakat acted as though her interpretation of international law is self-evident when, in fact, it is highly dubious.

Whatever the meaning of the Fourth Geneva Convention in terms of Jewish people building housing for themselves on Jewish land, Erakat rightly noted that Israel faces major international push-back. The “international community,” or so she stated, is opposed to land acquired via war and perhaps more importantly, the Palestinians simply would not allow it. The irony of such a position seemed entirely lost on her.

Naturally, Erakat also dragged out the whiskered canard that since the Six Day War, Israel has used national security as a mere “cover for further colonization.”

If the war was a war of national self-defense, which it was, then Israel has some legal and ethical “wiggle room” for its allegedly aggressive “settler-colonial” behavior. But, according to Erakat, the Six Day War was not defensive. On the contrary, it was a war of Israeli-Jewish aggression against its largely innocent Muslim neighbors.
The fatal flaw in Erakat’s approach, if not from a legal perspective then certainly from an ethical one, is that Arab and Muslim peoples oppressed “their” Jews as second and third-class non-citizens from the rise of Muhammad until the demise of the Ottoman Empire in World War I.

The Jews of the Middle East are the only people in human history to regain sovereignty after millennia of ethnic cleansing of their homeland. Like the Christians in the Middle East and Europe, Jews suffered the Arab-Muslim imperial conquests from the seventh-century until their failure at the “Gates of Vienna,” which marked the line of Jihadi advance into Europe in 1683.

If the Arabs of the Middle East wish to be viewed as victims of Jewish aggression, it might be helpful if they would stop the genocide of the Christians in the region. It would also be helpful if their religious leaders would stop teaching their children that killing Jews is beloved in the sight of Allah.

One cannot, after all, claim to be a victim of secular racist oppression while ruining millions of lives with religious racist oppression. From an ethical or moral perspective, it simply does not work that way.

Finally, this represents a difficulty within Middle East Studies, more generally, because it is an academic field grinding a political axe against both the West and the indigenous Jewish population in that part of the world.

People are beginning to realize the truth of this matter but, unfortunately, no one has told Noura Erakat.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

After Manchester


What to do after Manchester? What to do after any of these attacks? Weep and post Facebook messages and memes and sadly admit it's the new normal? That is what is likely given what we have seen to date. The problem is, of course, we are hoist on our own petard of Democracy, Liberalism and inclusiveness. Our fatal flaws. But they should not be a suicide pact.

The Western world has to administer some zero tolerance and tough love. Left alone, Islam is not going to reform itself. So maybe we need to do it for them in the interest of national safety. Trump tried a relatively tame scheme and was roasted for it so how likely is it for anything with real teeth to succeed? Unlikely, of course.

We should start with zero tolerance for the Jihad. Laws should be passed that make incitement to violent Jihad a high crime punishable by long imprisonment and deportation where possible. This would include jihad preachers, social media posters, sellers of such material etc. Mosques which engage in the rhetoric should be closed and their preachers jailed. Internet providers and social media which allow such stuff should be made to pay for their collaboration by jail and or stiff monetary fines/restitution.

The perp in Manchester was "known to the police." As were almost all of the recent perps elsewhere. Lots of good it did under current laws. Perhaps if laws existed making possession of jihad materials highly illegal, these guys could have been in jail instead of killing people. As it is now, lawmakers have to wait until they kill first. Senseless.

There are hundreds of other thing which would also help but I can already see the hysteria that would erupt at even the few sensible suggestions I have made. Unfortunately, dead innocents is the price most governments are willing to pay to be seen as Liberal and Democratic. This applies everywhere, even in Israel which at least has the excuse of worrying about the International community's reactions to its self defense.

We don't need to demonize and punish Muslims; just those who would kill us or offer support for those who would.

Monday, May 22, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week Michael and Alan speak live with Maj-Gen Jim Molan (ret) who visited Israel to examine the situation regarding Hezbollah on the northern border; they chat with Isi Leibler about the Trump visit to Saudi Arabia, and then speak with studio guest Georgina Downer from the Institute of Public Affairs, a right-wing think tank in Melbourne.

We then hear from Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist on the plight of European Jewry.

3 min Editorial: Julia Gillard

11 min Maj-Gen Jim Molan (ret) on Hezbollah

34 min Isi Leibler in Jerusalem

51 min Georgina Downer, Inst of Public Affairs In the Studio

1 hr 14 Giulio Meotti, plight of European Jewry

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