Friday, June 23, 2017


The Progressive-Left Needs to Move Beyond its Religious Prejudices

Michael Lumish

This is just something that I wrote on the Facebook page of a real world friend who also happens to be a self-described communist in San Francisco. 
I am not trying to cause a shitstorm for the fun of shitstorms... although a good shitstorm can rattle around the marbles a little bit... which is sometimes necessary.

I come out of the left.

What motivates me is not some desire to piss on the progressive movement, but to encourage it to live up to its principles because otherwise the politics have no meaning. It just descends into toxic, divisive, Us versus Them, Democrats versus Republicans, manichean, self-righteous religious bullshit.

{And make no mistake, some of the most religious people that I ever met in my life were devoutly atheist.}

The truth, of course, is that the western-left is absolutely riddled with racism and prejudice and what raises my eyebrow is its general unwillingness to even acknowledge those prejudices. Instead, it all just becomes a sports competition in which we pat one another on the tush while booing the insidious Red Sox.

As for the types of progressive-left racism, there seem to be three.

There is western-left anti-white racism.

There is western-left "humanitarian racism" which is something akin to nineteenth-century notions of "white man's burden."

And then there is antisemitic anti-Zionism.

The task before you, if you wish to accept it, is to figure out how to reconcile the kind of economic justice that Kurt stresses - and for good reason - versus the kind of divisive and racist "idenitity politics" which gave the world the Great Orange Cheetoh.

Let me put it to you this way on a personal note:
It would be much, much easier for me to fight for economic justice if it did not also include Linda Sarsour and antisemitic anti-Zionism as the price of admission. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Moulitsas Discussion

Michael Lumish

This started out as a comment here, but when I dug up that old Docudharma thing I figured it could stand on its own.

I never saw Markos as a hateful guy, though.

Early on he made a dumb comment concerning the war in Afghanistan. I don't even remember, exactly, but it was callous concerning the loss of American mercenaries in battle.

As you guys know he never said "boo" about the Arab-Israel conflict, thus it is not reasonably possible to make an objective judgment on his thoughts on the matter. What I suspect is that his sympathies were not particularly with Israel, nor particularly with the Palestinian-Arabs.

What he knew for certain was that the issue was a potential threat to his livelihood so he stayed the hell away from it. I certainly don't blame him for that.

As I was chewing over this comment I found this satirical piece that I wrote for the hell of it about Moulitsas for Docudharma 10 years ago.

I reference Francis Holland at the end. My guess is that none of you guys will know that name. If I am wrong let me know.

But does anyone remember the name buhdydharma?

Markos Moulitsas, I am here to tell you, is one of the finest examples of humanity that I have ever witnessed.

He is a gentlemen, a scholar, a philanthropist, and, when he is not helping little old ladies across busy streets in San Francisco, he can usually be found at the local orphanage handing out presents to the poor.

Some have said of Markos that he is a combination of Martin Luther King, Jr… Mahatma Gandhi… Mother Theresa… Albert Schweitzer.

Others have noted that, in person, Markos fairly glows with the sublime, transcendent radiance of a thousand suns; a radiance normally attributed to holy men and bodhisattvas. 
A mere glance of his divine countenance can heal the sick and gladden the heart.

Yea, verily, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, because Markos Moulitsas walketh with me.

And Daily Kos?

They say of Daily Kos that it is a mere blog, but it is not.  It as an ashram comprised entirely of gentle souls and seekers after lost knowledge.

With Hunter on his left and Pastordan on his right, Markos walks among the children of Daily Kos and blesses them with his wisdom, his compassion, and his heart-breaking insight.

There is only one word that can really describe Markos Moulitsas.

It is Love.

The Divine Energy which is the source of Life is the Stuff of Markos.

And, remember, each of you, my friends.

His nature is that of forgiveness and in His magnificent heart… he cries for us all.
You Lie, Karmafish!

Moulitsas is Evil!!!!

He is the source of everything diseased and poisonous in the American political landscape.

He is the darkness that consumes the darkness.

Anyone who gets involved with Moulitsas soon realizes that behind that boyish face lies the mind of an evil genius who seeks nothing less than world domination! 
Anyone who opposes him soon finds himself crushed beneath the Fascist Boot of his nefarious intent.

He will stop at nothing, I tell you.  Nothing!

He will destroy anything that gets in his way.

Before he is through the streets of San Francisco will run red with the blood of 1000 baby harp seals.

Good people throughout the land will flee in terror before the terrible onslaught of his crazed Orange Minions.

Entire cities will be consumed in fire and the land will be laid waste.

Markos Moulitsas is a foul and loathsome creature who, as an El Salvadoran Death Squad commander, delighted in torturing his victims with the ingenious cruelty of a maniacal psychopath.

There is only one man who can stop him!

There is only one hero to whom we can turn.

Our savior from a far-off land.

Francis L. Holland.

Yes, it’s Francis L. Holland – strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

Francis L. Holland – who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend the will of Congress with his bare hands, and who, disguised as Armstrong Williams, mild mannered reporter from a great metropolitan newspaper, fights the never ending battle for… 
Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Calling Pro-Israel "Kossacks"

Michael Lumish

This morning I received the following note from
Looking for Kossacks who kept notes when they banned the Jews

From what I can remember, there was an organized PR campaign to promote Hamas and Hezbollah by publishing their propaganda every day and getting rid of their opposition. Someone found Meteor Blades on a published list of the PR team. Talking Points Memo had a guy publishing the same propaganda. I don't remember the details. Did anybody save this information?
I do not know "cecrops" but the name is vaguely familiar.

I also do not recall any "organized PR campaign to promote Hamas and Hezbollah...".

There were antisemitic anti-Zionists who enjoyed promoting violence against Jews by spreading the idea of Jewish guilt to naive, but well-meaning, "progressives" but I was never aware of much of an organized effort on their part.

Sure, they were more coordinated than the pro-Israel contingent, but it was not as if Meteor Blades (an anti-Israel Daily Kos administrator) was organizing an effort against the Jews at that joint.

Cecrops sent a second email:
I was not able to find contact information for most people. is running a wine blog 
Shane Hensinger has gone places. 
Adam B
AmbroseBurnside went net.dead in 2009
another American
Borat Sagdiyev
DemocraticLuntz - possibly
Eyal Rosenberg - quit, could not find the same user
Flash Savior of the Universe - net.dead since 2009
Jay Elias
Keith Moon
Krissy McD
leftynyc - net.dead in 2009
Paul in Berkeley
Red Sox
Red Tulips stopped blogging in 2009 but has appeared in the comments in Israel Matsav
ZionistYoungster has not blogged since 2007 may have been involved in the defunct Revolutionary Zionism / Zionist Freedom Alliance movement

Possible friendlies:
Captain C
Steve Love
Borat Sagdiyev
buckhorn okie
The Raven
Sagebrush Bob

Possible neutrals: 
Marisacat and Madman in the Marketplace have appeared on Breakfast In The Ruins, but neither of them has been active for a few years.
I find it a little surprising that he sent me this email without putting "Karmafish" on that list of eminent pro-Israel Daily Kos advocates.

Sad for me, really, but I guess I will sleep tonight, anyway.

In any case, if any of you peoples have any information that could help this guy out, you have the email address at the top of the page.

Those of you who are my friends from the "bad old days" should consider contacting this guy.

The name "cecrops" sounds damn familiar.

It's probably one of you assholes!